Economic and Durable Vehicle Scale / 40-60 ton
Esit Komodo is an economical and durable vehicle scale with a steel body.
Esit Steel Platform
Esit Komodo, Static calculations of the steel-construction weighbridge is made for 150% overload.

Gas welding is used in all steel platform productions. All surfaces are processed by sandblasting in automatic machines and painted with RAL7022 Shadow Gray color with a special Combiflex Enamel paint with high enviromental strength. It is transported in a disassembled modular condition and mounted with bolts at the work place.

The total weight and beam details of the steel platform are available on the overall drawing of the scale.
Esit SC/CA/Digital CAD Load Cells

Esit CAD model digital loadcell CAD Digital Load Cell

Esit SC model loadcell SC Load Cell

Esit SC, CA, and digital CAD models are robust, high-performance, and heavy duty load cells developed by Esit specifically for truck scales. Load cells of these models are 5 times more resistant to lateral loads than the column type sensors. They do not require load-bearing side structures, which reduces weighing errors and maintenance cost of truck scales. Complies with DIN 40050 in protection class IP 68. OIML R60 certified in 3000d class. They can be used in accordance with directive 2014/31/EC for non-automatic weighing devices.

* Digital CAD model load cells are used as an option in automated truck scale systems.
* Exproof version is also available.

Esit SC/CA-EL Mounting Kits

Esit SC/CA-EL Mounting Kits

SC / CA EL mounting kits are specifically designed for SC and CA load cells. They are resistant to chemicals. Like other mounting kits, load cells are protected not only against lateral loads, but against all loads from 3 axles. In addition, thanks to its special structure, erroneous weighings due to the thermal expansion of the platform are prevented.

Esit J-Box Connection Box

Esit J-Box Connection Box

The cables coming from the load cells are integrated in the Esit J-Box junction box and connected to the weighing terminal through one cable. Esit J-BOX, with a housing made of cast aluminum, provides excellent protection against external factors, shock and weather conditions.

Esit PWI-X, PWI-T or Desktop Type ECI Indicator

Esit desktop type indicator ECI Digital

ESİT indicators are heavy duty devices manufactured to withstand harsh environments where vehicle scales are used. Depending on how the scales are used and the connection option, PWI-T with integrated PC or PWI-X devices that can be used with an external PC. Desktop type ECI digital indicator is used for digital load cells. A printer is also supplied with the scale for ticket printing.

Memory not affected by power outages
Ability to receive reports from the screen or printer
Connection to the second weighing terminal
Memorize 100,000 weighings
Defining fixed tare vehicles
Ability to report with Txt extension
Editing report format
USB, modem and ethernet connection
External display output
European Union (EU) Type approved
EN 45501
Compliance with standards
2 Compliant with 2009/23 / EC directive

17 ”Color LCD Screen

17 ”Color LCD Monitor is connected to the Esit PWI-T weighing terminal.

Keypad + Mouse

The 101-key Standard PS/2 computer keyboard and computer mouse are connected to the Esit PWI-T terminal.

Epson LX300/350 Printer

Epson LX300/350 printer

Epson Brand LX300 / 350 Model will be operated connected to Dot Matrix printer Esit PWI-T terminal. It has a speed of 300cps, it can print on A4 or continuous form paper. Parallel and Standard Serial inputs are available. A 5 ”x17cm weighbridge ticket will be printed from the printer.

Following information can be found on the ticket

Esit ticket

Header: 3 Lines 30 characters header can be set by the operator
Date: Date is automatically set. (Can also be set by the operator)
Time: Time is automatically set. (Can also be set by the operator)
Ticket Nr: Automatically set. (Can be changed by the operator)td>
License Plate Nr: Characters, (Entered by the operator)
Trailer Nr: 10 Characters, (Set by the operator)
Sequence Nr: Works automatically
1.Weighing: Weighing value taken automatically from the weighbridge (kg)
2.Weighing: Weighing value taken automatically from the weighbridge (kg)
Net Weight: Difference between 2 weighing values (kg)
1.Info (Driver): Headers and Info to be set by the operator
2.Info (Coming): Headers and Info to be set by the operator
3.Info (Leaving): Headers and Info to be set by the operator
4.Info(Bill of parcels): Headers and Info to be set by the operator
5.Info: Headers and Info to be set by the operator
6.Info (Goods): Headers and Info to be set by the operator
Note: Note can be attached below the information.
Esit SPWin Pro Software

Esit SPWin Pro Software

PC-based Esit SPWin software can provide advanced reporting and ERP Integration, whereas Esit SPWin Pro Software allows automated scale operation such as; operatorless scale operating and license plate recognition

Camera System

Esit Camera System

Camera system allows archiving vehicle photographs during weighing with weighing record. Weighing ticket can also be printed by a suitable printer with the photo if demanded. License plate recognition camrea can also be supplied with SPWin.

Remote Display and Message Panel

Remote Display and Message Panel

Remote display allows the weighing value of the vehicle scale to be viewed from outside or from another point. The Message Panel allows commands to be given to the vehicle driver such as “stop, weighing is over, exit the scale”.

Traffic Lamp

Traffic Lamp

Traffic lights consisting of green and red light regulate the entry and exit of vehicles to the vehicle scale. Usage area of traffic lamp are vehicle scales with heavy traffic or on which operations such as filling and unloading are performed.

Universal Power Supply

Universal Power Supply

It is recommended to use UPS to prevent the weighing system from being affected by voltage fluctuations and short-term power outages in the region where the vehicle scale will be installed. (Picture is representative)

Kiosk and Vehicle Identification Systems

Kiosk and Vehicle Identification Systems

Proximity cards, ESİT Tank Auixilliary systems or vehicles could be introduced to the system automatically or information such as type of goods, entry-leaving time, other various information can be done through button entry on a kiosk. In these kiosks, there are ID card or button-entry options, as well as a printer can be mounted on the kiosk.