1- Vehicle Identification Systems

Vehicle Identification Systems

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-License Plate Recognition System

License Plate Recognition System

It is used to check the position of the vehicle on the scale and the plate information, especially when the scale is remote controlled. With its license plate recognition feature, it provides the opportunity to weigh without requiring an operator.

-Recognition System with RFID Tag

Recognition System with RFID Tag

With the help of a radio frequency court or label mounted on the vehicle, all information about the vehicle is transferred to the weighing terminal. Thanks to the system that can be used without the need for an operator for weighing, operation costs are reduced while weighing is done quickly and safely.

-Kiosk and Vehicle Identification Systems

Kiosk and Vehicle Identification Systems

Proximity cards, ESİT Tank Auixilliary systems or vehicles could be introduced to the system automatically or information such as type of goods, entry-leaving time, other various information can be done through button entry on a kiosk. In these kiosks, there are ID card or button-entry options, as well as a printer can be mounted on the kiosk.

-Button System with A Kiosk

Button System with Kiosk

For vehicle drivers to introduce necessary information such as: the load, entry-exit time and weighing information to the system kiosks with various features can be supplied to be used next to the scale.

2- Traffic Routing and Security Systems

Traffic Routing and Security Systems

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-Remote Display and Message Panel

Remote Display and Message Panel

It is used to see the weight value of the weighed vehicle from outside the weighbridge. Traceability by third parties also provides weighing transparency.

-Traffic Lights

In the scales with heavy traffic; traffic lights are used to prevent the other vehicle from immediately entering the discharged scale. Traffic lights are resistant to all kinds of weather conditions.

-Arm Barrier

Arm Barrier

In the scales with heavy traffic; or when the weighbridge is placed at the entrance of the companies, it is used for the controlled entrance of the vehicles. It is resistant to all kinds of weather conditions.

-Optical Sensor Barrier

Optical Sensor Barrier

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-Weighing Field Camera

Weighing Field Camera

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3- Software Reporting and Integration

Software Reporting and Integration

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-SP-WIN or SP-WIN PRO Option


Esit SPWIN PRO is a program that contains additional features suitable for professional use of vehicle scales such as extra safety, vehicle identification, automated weighing and flexible reporting compared to standard scale programs. With the SP WIN PRO, a VGM certificate can be prepared in accordance with the SOLAS criteria. SP WIN allows integration with ERPs.



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-ERP Integration

ERP Integration

ERP integration can be supported with .xml extension files over web servers.

-Data Transfer

Data Transfer

Data transfer over the database can be done by serial connection.